Apply to Officer Position

President The President acts as the liaison between the department, industry partners (current and prospective) and Texas A&M as a whole.
Development Responsible for the development of the officer group as a team. They will actively work to integrate the team and develop the relationships.
Recruitment Responsible for recruiting new and current partners to our Fall and Spring Career Fairs as well as getting said partners involved in other events with PAID.
Corporate Relations Responsible for all corporate spotlights and power lunches.
Information Systems Responsible for all member rosters, data analytics, statistics, the tamu.paid website, and marketplace.
Marketing Responsible for showcasing our professional image and showcasing our partnerships.
Career Fair Responsible for the logistics and planning of the Career Fair.
Special Events Responsible for events that happen once a year. Ex: Skeet shoot, Golf Tournament, etc.
Finance Responsible for ensuring all finance operations are in order and communicate budgets with other officers.
Project Management Responsible for designing and implementing new systems into PAID.
Executive Secretary Responsible for administrative work within PAID as well as ensuring committee members are busy and engaged.
Student Relations Responsible of coordinating events in order to unite PAID members.