Distinguished Membership

Distinguished Membership is awarded to 12 PAID Members each semester based on the total PAID Points accumulated over the course of that semester. The benefits of being a Distinguished Member include attendance at PAID’s Distinguished Member Dinner, recognition on your name tag at the Career Fair, and eligibility to apply for a $500 scholarship for the next academic year (two scholarships are awarded each semester). For a full list of events and points, visit our calendar tab.

Event Total Point Level Reward
18 PT.  ★ PAID 12th Man Towel
28 PT.  ★★ PAID Ball Cap
61 PT.  ★★★ PAID Padfolio
80 PT.  ★★★★ PAID Tailgate Chair
>30 PT. and/or one of the top twelve students with highest attained points Distinguished Member Dinner on PAID; Eligible for one of two $500 Scholarships