Career Fair Information

8:00 am - 8:30 am CST: Coffee & Departmental Seminar – @Zoom 

  • This brief seminar will be a chance to hear an update on the Industrial Distribution program at Texas A&M from some of our wonderful faculty members.
  • The Zoom link is in your Career Fair Packet, and in emails from

9:00 am - 2:00 pm Virtual Career Fair open to PAID members: @Symplicity

  • Current PAID Sponsors can access the PAID Career Fair from Symplicity:
  • If you are an additional representative attending and do not have login information yet, enter your email, and select “Forgot Password.”
  • Log In --> Click Events --> Click Career Fairs --> Find “PAID Career Fair – Fall 2020” --> Click the box that says Registered on the left

8:30 am - 3:00 pm Company Zoom Help Room available – @Zoom , Meeting ID: 942 4216 2578

  • This Zoom link will remain open for the duration of the fair to function as a help room
  • PAID Officers & Committee members will be available throughout the day to assist with any issues that may come up during the fair

Video Tutorials

  • Video on HireAggies Symplicity virtual fairs: • This 2-minute video highlights the general features of the virtual career fair
  • Detailed video on the features available at the virtual career fair: • Only refer to the first 10 minutes, which shows the employers point of view

How a virtual career fair works:

  • Students will be able to view you company information and job positions on the mainpage
  • When they would like to chat, they will enter a queue for your company
  • All of your company’s recruiters online will be able to see your company queue, and can select the next students in line to initiate a 1:1 chat
  • When selected, the student is presented with the video chat link provided in the “Meeting Instructions” box for the particular company representative initiating that chat
  • After your chat, you will go back to the Symplicity page, where you may take notes on your conversations
  • You can then select the next student in your queue If you are using Group Chat, students may join without entering a queue
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