PAID Technical Sales Competition

This is a corporate sponsored event that allows student contestants to role play selling a product to a potential customer. It will be held in the Zachry Engineering Building from 3:30pm to approximately 9:00pm on Friday, March 20th.
From those who apply for entry, 30 students will be selected given a case study at least two weeks prior to the competition. This will allow contestants ample time to review the material and generate a sales strategy. For the competition itself, there will be 3 pairs of rooms digitally connected, totaling 6 rooms. For each pair there will be one Scenario Room and one Viewing Room.

In the scenario room there will be one “buyer”, which will be a representative from the corporate sponsor, and one “seller”, which will be one of the student contestants. During the first round the contestant will have 10 minutes to address the next steps of the selling process. That could be anything ranging from introducing solutions to various problems outlined in the case study, addressing objections, answering technical/financial questions, etc.

During that interaction, a webcam will be broadcasting a one-way live audio and visual feed to the Viewing Room. Watching the broadcast will be a panel of four corporate sponsor judges assessing the meeting. They will have a grading rubric with specified metrics grading the student on things such as the opening of the conversation, benefits of the product, evidence of its performance, visuals demonstrating its features, professionalism through conduct, closing of the sale or conversation, and much more. Additionally, spectators (excluding other contestants competing in that round) are welcome to quietly observe the sales meetings. These video feeds will also be uploaded to the cloud where students will have the opportunity to watch and learn from their performance in a selling scenario.

At the conclusion of a contestant’s first round scenario, a PAID Officer will collect the judges’ four grading forms. Those numbers will be entered into a spreadsheet and an average total score will be calculated. From each of the 3 rooms and out of the 10 contestants that pass through each room, the student with the highest score will progress to the final round.

After all 30 contestants have completed their 10 minute sales pitch, the first round will conclude and the competition will temporarily break for dinner. It is encouraged that corporate recruiters interact with the students and give them constructive feedback or simply network. During this time the top contestant from each of the three rooms will be announced and proceed to the final round. This will have a 12 minute time limit and will be graded by 4 judges, one from each company. All other contestants are to stay and observe the final round, as it will be streamed to all rooms simultaneously.

Concluding the final round, more interaction is recommended while the final scores are tallied. Then, the finishing placements will be determined with second runner up receiving a $500 scholarship, first runner up receiving a $750 scholarship, and first place being awarded a $1,000 scholarship. All of the thirty contestants that competed and stayed until the end of the competition will receive an exclusive PAID leather padfolio to thank them for their participation.


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